Candle Accessories

Antica Farmacista Lucite Tray for 250ml Diffuser
Lucite Soap & Lotion Tray
Brown Pill Tray
Brown & White Match Holder With Brown Matches
Matcha Pill Tray
Matcha & White Match Holder With Green Matches
Navy Pill Tray
Navy Match Holder With Navy Matches
White Pill Tray
Taupe & White Match Holder With White Matches
Cappuccino Bobbin Candlestick, Small
Cappuccino Bobbin Candlestick, Tall
Chambray Bobbin Candlestick, Small
Chambray Bobbin Candlestick, Tall
Sage Bobbin Candlestick, Medium
Sage Bobbin Candlestick, Small
Sage Bobbin Candlestick, Tall
Simon Pearce Cavendish Candlestick
Simon Pearce Crystalline Candent Woodstock Candleholder
Simon Pearce Crystalline Jade Woodstock Candleholder
Simon Pearce Hartland Large Candlestick
Simon Pearce Hartland Medium Candlestick
Simon Pearce Hartland Small Candlestick
Simon Pearce Pomfret Candlestick
White Bobbin Candlestick, Small
White Bobbin Candlestick, Tall
Apricot Taper Candles
Calypso Taper Candles
Caramel Taper Candles
Eucalyptus Taper Candles
Graphite Taper Candles
Lemon Zest Taper Candles
Lilac Taper Candles
Linen Closet Taper Candles
Midnight Blue Taper Candles
Moss Green Taper Candles
New Leaf Taper Candles
Petal Taper Candles
Pistachio Taper Candles
Prairie Blue Taper Candles
Pure White Taper Candles
Simon Pearce Ivory Pillar Candle
Simon Pearce Ivory Taper Candle Set
Soft Pink Taper Candles
Stone Taper Candles
Tan Taper Candles
Nepal Meditation Incense, Cedar
Nepal Meditation Incense, Frankincense
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