Hair Accessories

Teleties All I Want For Christmas, Set of 3
Teleties Candy Cane Christmas, Set of 5
Teleties Be Holly, Set of 3
Teleties Baking Spirits Bright, Set of 3
Teleties Holiday Ornament
Teleties Sugarplum, Set of 5
Teleties Let It Snow, Set of 5
Teleties Peppermint, Set of 3
Teleties Washed Denim, Set of 3
Teleties Sunset Gold, Set of 3
Teleties Millennial Pink, Set of 3
Teleties Jet Black, Set of 3
Teleties For the Love of Nudes, Set of 3
Teleties For the Love of Mattes, Set of 3
Teleties Eucalyptus, Set of 3
Teleties Crystal Clear, Set of 3
Elf X Kitsch Scrunchies Set
Elf Satin Pillowcase
Elf X Kitsch Satin Heatless Set
Holiday Satin Champagne Pillowcase Set
Holiday Blush Satin Pillowcase Set
Holiday Satin Pillowcase & Scrunchie Gift Set
Holiday Satin Heatless Styling Gift Set
Holiday Ornament Satin Scrunchies Set
SIlver Braided Headband
Pink Braided Headband
Gold Braided Headband
Black Braided Headband
Taupe Basket Weave Headband
Sky Basket Weave Headband
Black & White Basket Weave Headband
Brown Basket Weave Headband
Black Basket Weave Headband
Brunette Marble Claw Clip
Blonde Marble Claw Clip
Jumbo Brown & White Claw Clip
Jumbo Black & White Claw Clip
Eucalyptus Nylon Elastics Hair Ties - Set of 20
Ponyfull Pony, Dark
Velvet Scrunchies - Blush and Mauve
Assorted Textured Scrunchies 5pc - Sand
Faux Fur Scrunchie - Neutrals
Neutral Nylon Elastics Hair Ties - Set of 20
Ponyfull Pony, Blonde
Jumbo Heirloom Claw in Blonde Tortoise
Jumbo Heirloom Claw in Alabaster
Grande Heirloom Claw in Mango Tortoise
Jumbo Heirloom Claw in Classic Tortoise
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