Faux Plants

Lily of the Valley in White Ceramic Pot
Purple Lilac Bouquet in Glass Jar
Faux Lavender Plant
Faux Potted Oxalis
Faux Potted Olive Tree
Faux Green Artichoke
Faux Kale Bush
Faux Kale Bush
From $40
Faux Lemon with Foliage
Faux Lemon Box
Potted Narcissus
Purple Lavender in Distressed Clay Large Pot
Purple Lavender in Distressed Clay Pot
Yellow Kalanchoe in Distressed Clay Pot
Red Geranium in Clay Pot
Red Violet in Distressed Clay Pot
Orange Preserved Boxwood
Assorted Herbs in Cement Pots
Assorted Herbs in Terracotta Pots
Assorted Herbs in Medium Terracotta Pots