Rattan Trays: The Effortless Essential for Every Room in Your Home


(pictured above: tray, lamp, mirror, candle, topiary, matches, & crystal ball)

If you asked me what is a simple way to create depth and interest to various places in your home, I would without a doubt say to simply add a rattan tray. Rattan trays, when used correctly, bring texture, warmth, and balance to a space. Not to mention, they're actually incredibly functional, too.

When considering rattan, first think about color. Typically, rattan trays come in 2-3 color ways. Our two favorite are a warm honey and a light whitewash because both of these color ways work with almost any material & any other color way.  I love the juxtaposition of adding the warm honey to an all white space to warm it up and adding the whitewashed in a space that you want to bring a bit more of a delicate feel. We also have to add that whitewash is a no brainer for any beach house. 

Once you decide on color of rattan, consider how and where you want to use a rattan tray. The possibilities are are endless so that answer shouldn't be too hard to come by. A few of our favorite places are on your nightstand, in your bathroom, your guest room, on your vanity, your desk in your office, on the kitchen counter, on your coffee table, and on any dresser or console.

Because of a rattan tray's versatility, we thought it would be helpful if we broke down our favorite spaces and ways to style this home essential below so keep reading! And don't forget to comment any questions you my have and share how you styled your rattan tray by tagging #welcomehome! Truly, MKR

On your nightstand: (tray shown)
Add a little more texture to your nightstand while housing your bedtime necessities like your hand cream, water carafeglasses, and trinket dish (for your essential oils, lip balms, and jewelry). Not to mention, a tray will protect surfaces from scratches and water stains. 


(pictured above: tray, carafe, candle, diffuser, bowl, decorative rocks, hydrangea, linen spray, lamp)

In your bathroom: (tray pictured below)

Make a statement in your most used space! Placing a tray on your bathroom counter is a simple way to create a home for your soaps, creams, diffuser, and wash cloths. It calms the chaos & allows a space for all of your most used items to live, too.


In your guest bedroom:

Ensure your guests feel right at home! Welcome guests by setting out a tray with everything they may need, but may not want to ask for. Consider adding snacks, water, Advil, & easily forgotten toiletries like disposable toothbrushes, soaps, and razors. 

"As a guest there’s nothing worse than having to ask your host time and time again for items they may need or have forgotten. A fully stocked guest tray will eliminate the ask altogether. Some suggested guest tray additions would be; water (sparkling and flat), a carafe, glasses, napkins, coasters, a candle, matches, Advil, magazines, and treats. I love wrapping treats such as trail mix and cookies in re-sealable packaging so if your guests don’t dig in during their stay they’ll have something to snack on at the airport." - MKR


(tray & matches pictured above)

On your vanity: (tray & matches pictured)

Create boundaries for items on a space that never seems to be large enough! Insert a beautiful set of matches, a candle, a rose quartz roller, body oil and body lotion.


On your coffee or side table:

You can style these trays immaculately with beautiful decor objects, but they also make the perfect catch all for your messes. Use them to quickly tidy and contain the endless coffee or side table clutter. Stash your remotes, coasters, and stray magazines with ease.

MKR tip: Take your trays to the next level with something green. Regardless of whether it is real or faux, the look and feel of greenery will breathe life into any room. Don't have the budget to invest in fresh cut stems? No problem! Try a preserved boxwood topiary or any of our real touch faux stems that will have even a florist wondering if they're real. And when using faux florals, think about spraying them with their natural scent. For example, with a faux lavender plant just sprinkle or spray a little Lavender essential oil or our Lavende Linen Spray in the base and on the stems. 

(pictured below: tray, table, vase, tulips, terracotta body pillow)



Rattan Bowl, Honey Brown
Rattan Rectangular Tray 11"x8"x3", White Wash
Rattan Rectangular Basket 14"x12"x6", Honey Brown
Rattan Rectangular Tray 28"x18"x2", White Wash

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