Throw A Fabulous Fiesta


(pictured above: Ghost Pepper Salsa, Salsa Verde, Black Bean Salsa, Pineapple Chipotle Salsa, Chile Con Queso, Ghost Pepper Queso, Guacamole Starter, and tea towel)

What foods do you look forward to most on Cinco de Mayo? Does your heart pitter patter at the sight of tacos? Or are you a burrito person? Nachos or enchiladas? Rice or beans? Or maybe you don’t live for the main dish and instead, your eyes twinkle when you see the chips, guac, queso and salsa approach the table! Or maybe you really love it all, but squeal with delight at that first sip of a margarita. It is all good for your soul.

"If I had to choose only one “type” of food to eat for the rest of my life it would probably be Mexican. Anything Mexican really. Taco Tuesday in the Rye household doesn't only happen once a week." -  MKR

To help you get your Cinco de Mayo preparations underway, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes and ways to entertain that will assist you in throwing the most fabulous fiesta! We encourage you to celebrate not only once a year, but once a week!

Pour Yourself A Drink 

Cinco de Mayo or Cinco de DRINKO? Enjoy sips of any one of our margarita recipes. Keep it classic with our Classic Margarita recipe or switch it up with other bold flavors including our Strawberry Margarita, Peppered Jalepeno Margarita and St. Germain Mint Margarita. Not a mixologist? Don't worry. We have a deliciously refreshing, low calorie margarita mix for you. Just add tequila! 




The Main Meal

Start with a little (or a lot of) chips, queso, guac, and salsa to build your appetite for a DIY taco or nacho bar. A DIY taco or nacho bar is always the answer. Nine times out of ten when casually entertaining you’ll find us preparing a DIY taco bar for guests to enjoy. You can prep the majority of ingredients the night before, and with a few simple protein and veggie options plus a whole slew of toppings you can rest assured that even the pickiest of eaters will find something to satisfy their cravings. Toppings include pico de gallo, tomato, avocado, onion, cilantro, jalepenos, lettuce, sour cream, cotija, queso blanco and so many more!

Try your hand at the recipes below including: Homemade Tortilla Chips, Black Bean, Serrano, & Pineapple Salsa, MKR's Best Ever GuacamoleRoasted Corn Skillet Queso Fundido and Blackened Fish Tacos with Creamy Coleslaw and Pineapple Salsa.






We definitely won’t judge when you go in for seconds! How will you be celebrating this year? Share how you fiesta with us by tagging #WelcomeHome. And don’t forget to grab your decorations! Think cactus shot glasses, festive & fun cupsnapkins, and a tablecloth or table runner.


Cabo Cactus Shot Glasses, Green
Beatriz Ball Soho Linda Chip & Dip

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