Creating the Perfect Cheese & Charcuterie Board

(pictured above: board, dipping bowls, honey, knives & spreaders)

We are putting the easy back into entertaining by giving you all of the tips and tricks for creating the perfect charcuterie board, every single time. Boards are only becoming more intricate and involved, so we have gathered exactly what you’ll need to alleviate hosting woes. Your only question will be “is there more wine?” Use the following tips below:

  1. Grab the right sized board or tray based on how many people you are serving. A board too large leaves too much empty space. Keep in mind it is better to have leftovers than not enough.

  2. Gather the perfect array of different colored seasonal fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. Think about how each fruit, vegetable, and cheese wears in the summer warmth. Typically, you will not pick the same fruits & cheese in the summer as you would in the winter. For the summer, think lighter like fresh peaches, strawberries, goat cheese, snap peas, veggie dip and honey instead of a heavier fig jam, blue cheese, olives and sliced apples as you would in the winter.

  3. Add appropriate dipping bowls, olive pickers, teaspoons, honey dippers, knives and spreaders throughout. Make it easy on your guests to enjoy.

  4. Add height and dimension to make the board interesting and flow with ease. Board accessories, like those mentioned in #3, also help to add depth. 

  5. For the upcoming summer months, serve with light, sparkling, and bubbly wines, ciders, & seltzers. And don't forget to play off of the season and think citrus-forward. 

(pictured above: board)

And if you thought our guidance couldn’t get any more top-tier.. we have actually created a charcuterie board that maps out the placement of each charcuterie board essential. The map, if you will, is engraved onto the board in our handwritten font and made exclusively for Waiting On Martha. The board is fired in the kiln until it reaches a deep walnut brown coloring and finished off with butcher block conditioner. Deep walnut is the perfect color for charcuterie boards because as we know all too well – these boards get messy.. and fast. This rich color conceals the crumbs and the smearing and you can simply wash it all away at the end of the night.

Assembling your delicacies is easy – simply follow the step by step instructions engraved on the board and you’ll be perfectly presenting each and every time! And we mean perfect. Trust us when we say we iterated and iterated this board to ensure each piece of cheese and roll of meat would align in the most aesthetically pleasing way. We even measured out the cheese wedges to ensure the perfect fit. However, if you’re a confident charcuterie connoisseur or prefer the freeform art of cheese – don’t worry. This beautiful block can easily be flipped over or the engraving easily concealed.

(pictured above: board)

On our board you’ll find plenty of tasty suggestions, recommendations, and definitions for olives, vehicles, stinky cheese, honey, sliced fruits, salami, seasonal feeds, hard cheese, jam, soft cheese, nuts, and prosciutto. 

Charcuterie boards should be fun. Good company will make it all taste even better. Use our tips to try to conquer it on your own or pick up one of our Build Your Own Charcuterie Boards to make it easy. What are you putting on your board this summer? Share with us using the #WelcomeHome.


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